Peacock's has quality printing and developing.   We process 35mm and 120mm.   Our printing is on quality lustre paper. We process film weekly!


Film Developing & Scanning**

C41 Process (for printing prices see Printing from Digital File)

24 exposure       $15.99

36 exposure       $18.99


Index Prints 
With Roll $1.99


Black and White

Develop only

24 or 36 exp      $11.99

120                     $11.99

4x5                     $11.99

Scan to disc         $6.99





**$0.50 discount for providing own memory stick

Printing from Digital File or Negatives

(negatives need to be scanned to digital prior to printing at $0.99 per scan when combined wiht printing)

4x5 or 4x6

























Large format Giclee printing

on quality  photo paper, canvas or art paper.


Prints can be produced from original photos, digital files, negatives or slides.


Image Size        Photo Paper  Canvas/Art Paper  Stretching

11x14 or less        $29.00               $55.00              $25.00

16x20                    $49.00               $75.00              $39.00

16x24                    $59.00               $85.00              $40.00

20x24                    $65.00               $95.00              $45.00

20x30                    $75.00               $99.00              $50.00

24x36                    $95.00               $150.00            $60.00


Contact us for custom quotes

Prices subject to change


When to find Us!

9:00am to 5:00pm | Monday to Thursday

9:00am to  4:30pm | Friday

We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays


Mailing Address

521 Canada Avenue Duncan BC V9L 1T8


Phone: 250 748 9923

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Where to find us!  521 Canada Avenue Duncan BC

We are moving to 231 Jubilee street

(next to Service Canada) as of July 30.